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2020 "Guidelines for Improving Pace of Play"

       Many thanks to all the Members who shared some excellent suggestions from previous years......

  1. ** If your group has fallen behind the group in front of

you by at least a full hole and the group behind you is

clearly playing faster than your group, be courteous

and let them play through at the next tee and then

do your best to keep up with them. They will greatly

appreciate the gesture and it will take the pressure

off of your group.

2. **If you are the group behind a slow group and they

do not "volunteer" to let you play thru, send someone

ahead to politely ask them if they would please let

your group play through at the next tee. If handled

properly and with courtesy, and it is a valid situation,

you may be surprised how willing they are. 😊

3. Play "Ready Golf"!! Forget about "Honors", if you are

ready to hit and it is safe, go ahead and hit!!!

4. Do all your pre-shot routine while others are hitting

their shot as long as you do not distract them.

5. Line up your putt while others are doing the same,

then be ready to putt when it is your turn.

6. Limit your practice swings to no more than 2.

7. **Park your Cart or Pull Cart behind the green rather

than leaving it in front so the group behind doesn't

have to wait for you to walk back to your cart and

then move out of the way before hitting!

8. If you are putting out and the hole is open ahead of

you, go right to the next tee and tee off while the

rest of your group finishes putting out. No need for

all 4 of you to watch the last 2 people putt out.

9. When sharing a cart, drop 1 person off to hit their

shot then drive to your shot and hit yours. Then pick

the person back up as they walk down the fairway.

10. If a player is having trouble getting out of a bunker

offer to rake the bunker while he goes on to hit his

next shot.

11. Wait to mark your scorecard until you are in the cart

and driving to the next tee. Discuss scores at the

next tee rather than on the green.

12. If players behind you are ready to hit, carry your

clubs to the cart, hold on to them, drive to your

next shot and then put them into your golf bag.

13. "Lost Ball" Guideline: If you are having trouble

finding your ball, the rule is "3 minutes". If the hole

is open in front, consider letting the group behind

play though while you look and then keep up with


14. Remember: It takes just 1 slow group to slow down

the entire course. Letting the faster group go ahead,

and then keeping up, will make the game more

enjoyable for everyone.....

15. (Newest) Report to the 1st tee on time so you can tee off and

keep up with the group in front right from the start.


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