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Olivas Links Sr. Men’s Golf Club

2022 Membership Application (Ages 55+)

Dues: (Full Year): Renewals $80. New $85

Web Site:

New Members without handicaps will be given a temporary handicap by the Tournament Chair.

New Member _____ Renewal _____ Phone: _________________

E-Mail: _________________________

Name (Print): _____________________________ DOB: ___/___/___

Address: _________________________City__________Zip: _______

Current Index? _________ SCGA #? __________________

Please Submit application to:

Jeff Kaplowitz

3112 Lisbon Lane

Oxnard Ca. 93036

Make checks payable to Olivas Links Sr. M. G. C. (OLSMGC)

Any Questions, call Alan McIntosh, 1-805-676-1039 

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