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Special Report: "2021: The Year in Review"

Now that the 2021 Golf Year is behind us, let's take a brief look

back at some of the highlights that took place during the year:

1. Our Membership grew to 214 Members (20 +/- on the waiting list)

2. We had 4 Holes in 1 during the year:

    a. Dennis Orrock: Dec 17, 2020 #13

    b. Mike Knight: Jan. 4, 2021 #5

    c. Steve Walden: June 7, 2021 #17

    d. Buck Jeans: June 21, 2021 #5

3. We had 2 “Eagles” reported on Par 4’s

    a. April 5th: Larry Naumann #15

    b. Sept. 27th: Mike Knight #12

4. Our Top 10 Money Winners for 2021 were:

    1. Gavin Hamilton $ 128 (A Club Record)

    2. Gary Walin $ 82

    3. Rich Kirby $ 66

    4. Steve Walden $ 65

    5. Harvey Harris $ 55

    6. Greg Wolter $ 55

    7. Roland Hudgins $ 54

    8. Mark Vanvakaris $ 54

    9. Jack Clements $ 53

    10. Barry Bardo $ 52

5. Our Club Champions for 2021 were:

    a. Low Gross: Pete Althof

    b. Low Net "A" Flight: Gavin Hamilton

    c. Low Net "B" Flight: Myles Monroe

    d. Low Net "C" Flight: Greg Wolter

    e. "Super Srs" Low Gross: Jim Susha

    f. "Super Srs" Low Net: Buck Jeans

6. Our Match Play Champions for 2021 were:

    a. Bracket 1: Bob Szejn

    b. Bracket 2: David Specter

    c. Bracket 3: Frank Zych

    d. Bracket 4: Hugh Clabaugh

7. Our Best Scores of the Year were:

    a. Low Gross:

        69: Pete Althof Gavin Hamilton

        70: Mike Knight Randy Hart Gary Scott Dave Stoltz

              Pete Althof

        71: Gary Scott (3) Mike Knight (2) Vince Jimenez

              Rich Kirby Gavin Hamilton

        72: Dave Stoltz (3) Randy Hart (2) Duane Koyano

              Gavin Hamilton (2) Gary Scott (3) Gary Walin

              Pete Cosenza Chris Vanderveen Jeff Davies

    b. Best Low Net Scores:

        59: Pete Cosenza

        60: Mark Vanvakaris

        61: Tom Brubaker Mark Vanvakaris

        62: Myles Monroe Larry Owens Rick Underwood

              Chuck Galvin

        63: Jeff Margulies

        64: Mark Vanvakaris (3) Robert Rada Larry Mueller

              Gavin Hamilton David Frost Carl Jarrett Herb Schwind

              Doug O’Rourke

        65 Arnie Moser Bob Szejn Dave Laubacher Bill Gohlke

             Frank Gankas Mike Young Pete Ross Steve Walden

             Myles Monroe Pete Althof Gavin Hamilton Dennis Choquette

        66: Jeff Margulies Bob Szejn (2) Bob Brisbine Del Hanson

              Jeff Baarstad Barry Bardo (2) Dennis Orrock Myles Monroe

              Rick Underwood Joel Gershon Sid Frank Frank Gankas

              David Frost Jeff Kaplowitz Jerry Renelli (2) Carl Lauten

              Len Borggrebe Dean Immel Rick Masterson Gavin Hamilton

              Dan Ballard Bill Kane Jack Bozajia Pete Cosenza Craig Alton

              Dan Culton

    c. Our Best 4 Man Scramble Scores (Gross) were:

        58: Bill Kane John Oxford John Vigiano Val Mayer

              Dave Stoltz Rich Kirby Steve Walden Vince Jimenez

        59: Dave Stoltz Rich Kirby Steve Walden Vince Jimenez

              Gavin Hamilton Randy Hart Mike Bell Gary Scott

              Frank Gankas Joel Gershon Mike Young

              Carl Jarrett Bill Custer Gary Walin Craig Adams

        60: Gavin Hamilton Randy Hart Larry Owens Mike Bell

              Carl Rhoads Buck Jeans Bob Szejn Hal Grant

              Mike Knight Barry Bardo Carl Lauten

             Jeff Polan Jim Susha Bill Wood Don Hall

        61: Jeff Polan Jim Susha Duane Koyano

              Arnie Moser Larry Mueller Craig Adams

              Dave Specter Craig Peterman Jerry Renelli Eddie Sierra

              Rich Kirby Steve Walden Vince Jimenez

              Mike Knight Ron Gudgeon Joel Godfrey Barry Bardo

              Gavin Hamilton Randy Hart Larry Owens Mike Bell

              Dave Stoltz Rich Kirby Steve Walden Vince Jimenez

    d. Our Best 4 Man Scramble Scores (Net) were:

        39: Jack Clements Charlie Caspary Greg Wolter Dominick Bruno

        40: Jack Clements Charlie Caspary Greg Wolter Gene Blythe

        43: Jack Clements Charlie Caspary Greg Wolter Dominick Bruno

              Jack Clements Charlie Caspary Greg Wolter Jim Rivas

        44: Roland Hudgins Ken Boyd Robert Sanchez Danny Russell

        46: Jack Clements Charlie Caspary Gene Blythe Dominck Bruno

               Mark Vanvakaris Iain O’higgins Dan Ballard Barry Bardo

        47 Roland Hudgins Ken Boyd Robert Sanchez Harvey Harris

             Jack Clements Greg Wolter Dominic Bruno

             Greg Mathews Bob Brisbine Tom Brubaker Craig Alton

             Charlie Caspary Greg Wolter Gene Blythe

        48: Richard Slyker Rick Riley Pete Ross Don Franke

              Manny Centeno Larry Mueller Mike Greenslate Jim Knapp

              Jim Mainland John Hislar John Palmer Pat Gunning

8. The 2021 Ventura Cup was held for the first time in 3 years. Our Team, led

    by Captains John Dudik and Jeff Kaplowitz, consisted of the following

    players: Kevin Rennie, Dave Stoltz, Michael Simon, Bill Kane,

    Gavin Hamilton, Gary Walin, Randy Hart, Gregory Harrison,

    Lindsay Wellman, Theo Fallati, Jeff Polan, Brad Zlomke, Eddie Sierra,

    Robert Skillin, David Specter, Brien Fitzgerald, Phil Williamson,

    Jeff Margulies, Mike Bell, Buck Jeans, Steve Walden, Harvey Harris,

    Iain O’Higgins, Mike Knight, and Rich Kirby.

9. “Out of Town” Tournaments (Arranged by Jeff Margulies)

    a. Moorpark Country Club. Jan. 21st. 32 Players. 2 Man Partners Best Ball.

        Great Weather, Great Course, Fun Day!!

    b. Ojai Valley Inn. April 29th. 51 Players. 2 Man Partners Best Ball.

        Hot Day, but Great Course and another Fun Day!

    c. Sandpiper Golf Course. Aug. 19th. 40 Players. 2 Man Best Ball.

        Unfortunately Cancelled due to poor course conditions.

10. Our 2021 Scholarship Recipient was Liliana Ramos

      who played on the Girls Golf Team at Ventura H.S

      She is attending Ventura College and will play golf for

      Moorpark’s Women’s Golf team. VC does not have a

      Women’s Golf Program.

11. We are Grateful for the Friendship and Wonderful

      Memories of our departed Member in 2021:

      a. Jay Balter Oct. 16th

12. On Sept. 13, 2021, Don Nicksay was recognized for his 25 years

      of outstanding service and dedication to the Olivas Links Senior

      Men’s Golf Club. During that time he served in practically all of the

      Board positions, but primarily as our Membership Chair, Secretary,

      Treasurer and putting out our Membership Booklet each and every

      Year. Thank you, again, Don, for being such an integral part of our

      Club for so many years!!

13. We want to thank our 2021 Board Members who kept

      everything running so smoothly.

      a. Alan McIntosh (President & Tournament Chair)

      b. John Dudik (V. P., Handicap, Rules, Social, Match Play, V. Cup)

      c. Don Nicksay (Secretary)

      d. Del Hanson (Treasurer)

      e. Jeff Kaplowitz (Membership Chair, Match Play, V. Cup, Social)

      f. Paul Fridrich (Scholarship Chair /Social Committee)

      g. Jeff Margulies (Out of Town Tournament Chair)

      h. Dennis Orrock (Scholarship Committee)

      i. Bill Phillips (Past President Emeritus)

      **And Special Thanks to Richard Adam, our Web-Master for the great job he

        does keeping Our Website up to date. (Https:// )

14. Rain Outs & Cancellations

      a. Mon. Dec. 28th: Rain

      b. Tues. Jan. 19th: Heavy Winds

      c. Mon. Jan 25th: Heavy Winds

      d. Mon. March 15th: Heavy Winds

      e. Mon. Oct. 25th: Rain

15. Miscellaneous Trivia:

      a. Dec. 1, 2020: Players in the 1st & 2nd Flight now have the

          option to play from the White or Blue Tees (New Policy)

      b. Dec. 7, 2020: Powerful Santa Anna Winds 25-30+ mph

          greeted our players during our 1st tournament of the year!

          Just 46 players completed their rounds!

      c. Jan. 19th & Jan. 25th: Golf cancelled 2 consecutive weeks due

          to exceptionally heavy winds (25-35 mph)

      d. March 8th: While the front 9 was being “aerated”, 74 players

          played a “Special” 9 Hole Tournament on the back 9.

         “Best 9” counted toward prize money.

      e. On Sept. 20th, 92 year old Bill Wood shot an “80”, net “68”. An

          inspiration to us all!!!

      f. Oct. 11th: Our first ever Match Play Championship began!!!

16. Important Policy Changes over the past 3 years: (Review)

      a. New Hole in 1 Policy

          Effective March 11, 2019, the Club will pay out a

          flat $100 to any member who records a Hole in 1

          during tournament play.

      b. The White Tee Box at #16 was moved up from

          441 yds to approximately 400 yds

      c. Membership “Temporary Freeze” Announced June 15, 2020

          to take effect July 1, 2020. “Active” Membership will be limited

          to approximately 200 “Active” Members as determined

          by SCGA, in order to keep the Club manageable and

          enjoyable for both the Membership and Administration.

      d. A “Waiting List” was established and quickly filled to 20

          rospective members. These players were invited to play

          each week as “floaters” to fill in spots, subject to


17. Membership Renewals

      a. Membership Renewal notification is now handled by both

          SCGA and our Membership Chair, Jeff Kaplowitz. You will

          be notified that it is time to renew 1-2 months in advance

          with follow-ups as needed.

      b. When you get your renewal notice, you may renew directly with

          SCGA using a credit card or write a check for $80 made out to

          the OLSMGC and mail to our Membership Chairman:

                     Jeff Kaplowitz

                     3112 Lisbon Ln

                     Oxnard Ca. 93036

18. Free Lifetime Membership Policy

      a. On Sept. 10, 2018, The Board of Directors

          voted unanimously to offer Free Lifetime

          Memberships to all Active Members who are

          90+ years of age or will be turning 90 in the

          coming year. The goal is to recognize

          these gentlemen for showing to all the rest

          of us that Golf is indeed a Lifetime Sport and

          to thank them for being an inspiration to the

          rest of us to keep playing as long as we are


     b. The Olivas Management has joined us by

          offering Free Carts to each of our recipients

          during Olivas Srs. Tournament Play.

      c. The following Active Members have been given

           Free Lifetime Memberships:

           1. Herb Rose

           2. Jay Hillman

           3. Rod Ibers

           4. Bill Wood

           5. Ron Kolar

           6. Don Nicksay

           7. Bill Phillips

           8. Others??

19. Finally We want to thank the Olivas Management

      and their Staff for always being so welcoming to us

      each Monday morning and a special thanks to the

      Course Maintenance Crew for the great job they do

      keeping our Golf Course in such good shape year


Many Thanks to everyone for another Great Year!! Let's

all work together to make 2022 our Best Year Ever!!

Alan McIntosh

President & T. Director

Dec. 1, 2021

**Feel free to copy this and show your achievements to your Kids and Grandkids 😊

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