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Special Report: "2016: The Year in Review"

     Now that the 2016 Golf Year is behind us, let's take

a brief look back at some of the highlights that took place during the year:

1. Our Membership continued to grow to it's highest

    level ever, 167 Members.

2. We had 2 Holes in 1 during the year:

    a. Dean Immel: July 25th. Hole # 8

    b. Rick Riley: Aug. 15th. Hole # 17

3. Our Top 10 Money Winners for 2016 were:

    1. Bob Tovias                $109

    2. Don Franke                $79

    3. Tom Xedos                $74

    4. Jim Geleszinski         $71

    5. Jack Wiltfang            $71

    6. Ray Aichner               $70

    7. Dave Laubacher        $68

    8. Jeff Davies                $63

    9. Bill Asano                  $62

    10. Jim Rivas                  $62

4. Our Club Champions for 2016 were:

    a. Low Gross: Gary Scott

    b. Low Net "A" Flight: Steve Adams

    c. Low Net "B" Flight: Ken Zarkovacski

    d. Low Net "C" Flight: Steve Duim

    e. "Super Srs" Low Gross: Jim Susha

    f. "Super Srs" Low Net: Ron Kolar

5. Our Best Scores of the Year were:

    a. Low Nets:

        56: Steve Duim

        57: Jay Hillman

        58: Jay Hillman, Don Franke

        59: Chuck Campbell, Don Franke (2), Jim Rivas,

              Bob Glogow

        60: Jay Balter, Jay Hillman, Pete Ross, Tom Xedos

              Doug Norton, Del Hanson, Bob Glogow,

        61: Paul Fridrich, Glenn Thomas, Barry Cole,

              Brian Baird, Chuck Campbell, Jeff Davies,

              Bob Tovias, Del Hanson, Jim Geleszinski,

              Ron Rubenstein (2), Tom Xedos, Frank Gankas,

              Norm Chapman, Jim Goldstein, Jim Susha,

              Darrel Johnson, John Palmer

 b. Low Gross: (I did not keep a detailed record of Low

                         Gross Scores but I do remember these):

     67: Gary Scott 

     69: Jeff Davies Frank Gankas Dave Stoltz

c. Our Best 4 Man Scramble Scores were:

    59: Ely Enriquez John Hammil Joe Stankoski

          Jim Kanter

          Wayne Troxell Jeff Davies Richard Sundberg

          John Gough

    60: Lloyd Arnett Dennis Orrock Dan Culton

          Len Borggrebe

          Greg Ibers Gregory Harrison Steve Adams

          Wayne Troxell Jeff Davies Richard Sundberg

          John Gough

          E. Enriquez J. Hammil J. Stankoski J. Kanter

d. Our Best "Modified" Best Ball Scores were:

        42: Herb Rose Bill Soady Steve Duim

        45: R. Adam Ray Aichner Tom Grainger B. Cole

6. Our 2016 Ventura Cup Team Members were:

Capt: Bob Dugan Ass't Capt: Garth Price

Teammates: Steve Adams, Mike Bell, Jeff Davies

                      Doug Dannevik, Paul Fagnant,

                      Bill Gallagher, Bill Gohlke, Randy Hart,

                      John Heard, Buck Jeans, Carl Rhoads,

                      Robert Skillin, Bill Smith, Dave Stoltz,

                      Steve Walden, & Lindsay Wellman

7. Our 2016 Scholarship Recipient was Jacob Johnson

    from Ventura High School who is attending the 

    University of California San Diego.

8. We are Grateful for the Friendship and Wonderful

    Memories of our departed Members in 2016:

    a. Joe Stanley Feb. 29th

    b. John Funk (Age 100) July 5th

9. We want to thank our Board Members who keep

    everything running so smoothly:

    a. Bill Phillips (President 23 Years!!)

    b. Bill Gallagher (Vice President)

    c. Don Nicksay (Membership Chair & Secretary)

    d. Del Hanson (Treasurer)

    e. Bob Dugan (Ass't Tournament Director)

    f. Richard Guzik (Handicap & Rules Chairman)

    g. Paul Fridrich (Newest Member of the Board)

    h. Alan McIntosh (Tournament Director)

10. Miscellaneous "Trivia"

     a. We had our 1st rainout in almost 4 years on

         March 7th of this year.

     b. Our hottest Monday of the year was Sept. 26th

         when the temperature on the course exceeded

         100 degrees!!

 11. Finally We want to thank the Olivas Management

       and their Staff for always being so welcoming to us

       each Monday morning and a special thanks to the

       Course Maintenance Crew for the great job they do

       keeping our Golf Course in such good shape year


Many Thanks to everyone for another Great Year!! Let's

all work together to make 2017 our Best Year Ever!!

Alan McIntosh

Dec. 5, 2016

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